Kick off meeting of the FutureArtic project

Great kick off meeting of the FutureArtic project in Sitges. Interesting presentations that guarantee a promising development of this project.

The main aims of the Sitges workshop were to:

  • Create a platform to get an in depth overview on the past and ongoing research activities within ForHot (the previous experiment at the site).
  • Have an official kick-off meeting for the FutureArctic ITN project.


FutureArtic team_2019
FutureArtic team in Sitges, March 2019.


Climate change will affect arctic and subarctic ecosystems more than other ecosystems worldwide, with temperature increases expected up to 4-6°C. Overarching and basic questions remain unanswered, partially due to limited access of these remote areas and technological limitations: How much carbon will escape from the Arctic under a future climate? How do the multitude of ecosystem processes, driven by plant growth, microbial activities and soil characteristics, interact to determine soil carbon storage capacity?. The H2020 ITN ‘FutureArctic’ aims to pave the way for generalized permanently connected data acquisition systems for key environmental variables and processes.

For more information consult the website FutureArtic