Global Ecology Unit CREAF-CSIC-UAB

  • 20091029-162603_1

    Forests by CREAF (cc-by)

  • abellot_web_2

    Bombus terrestris by A.Picascia (cc-by)

  • penuelas_premi_3

    Josep Peñuelas by GEU (cc-by)

  • faig_brots_4

    Fagus sylvatica by G.Peeples (cc-by)

  • lab02retocada_5

    Ecometabolomics lab by UAB (cc-by)

  • 100_4251_r_6

    GEU lab by CREAF (cc-by)

  • Globo-sonda-224_7

    Tethered balloon measurements of biogenic VOCs by GEU (cc-by)

  • Sies_Toledo_8

    Open top chambers (province of Toledo CIEMAT ) by GEU (cc-by)

  • Globo-sonda-034_9

    Kestrel Meter 4500 (monitoring environmental parameters) by GEU (cc-by)

  • Globo-sonda-301_10

    Tethered balloon by GEU (cc-by)

  • Prades05_houseView_11

    Prades by D. Sperlich (cc-by)

  • Prades09_DeadOak_12

    Prades by D. Sperlich (cc-by)

  • Prades121_13

    Prades by D. Sperlich (cc-by)

  • Prades11_MeteorologicalStation_13

    Meteorological station (Prades) by D. Sperlich (cc-by)

  • greening_on_the_earth_2016

    Greening of the Earth in 2016