Prof. Dr. Josep Peñuelas (CREAF-CSIC) : CSIC Research Professor & Main researcher

Prof. Dr. Josep Peñuelas (CREAF-CSIC)

CSIC Research Professor & Main researcher

Global ecology, global change, climate change, pollution, atmosphere-biosphere, Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions, remote sensing, plant ecophysiology, functioning and structure of terrestrial plants and ecosystems, chemical ecology, ecometabolomics, microbial ecology, macroecology and evolutionary ecology, biogeochemistry with special focus on phosphorus, environmental sustainability, food security and global health.

Dr. Iolanda Filella (CREAF-CSIC) : CSIC Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Iolanda Filella (CREAF-CSIC)

CSIC Senior Research Scientist

Development of remote sensing techniques to assess plant and ecosystem functioning, global and climate change effects on the structure and functioning of Mediterranean ecosystems, mechanisms and functions of plant-emitted volatile organic compounds.

Dr. Marc Estiarte (CREAF-CSIC) : CSIC Titular Research Scientist

Dr. Marc Estiarte (CREAF-CSIC)

CSIC Titular Research Scientist

Climate change effects on ecosystem productivity, plant phenology and soil gas exchange. Climate change experiments on natural ecosystems.
Dr. Joan Llusià (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I3

Dr. Joan Llusià (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I3

Ecology of VOCs
Dr. Jordi Sardans (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I3

Dr. Jordi Sardans (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I3

My main work is in the context of the relationships between terrestrial ecosystems structure and function with biogeochemical cycles (P, C, N, K,..), and coupling ecological stoichiometry and ecometabolomics approaches with ecosystems composition and function. I apply these studies to experimental and observational field data and to metadata analyses

Dr. Romà Ogaya (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I4

Dr. Romà Ogaya (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I4

Global change effects in plant ecophysiology. Climate change and nitrification effects in plant photosynthetic activity, chlorophyll fluorescence, water relations, and ecosystem productivity.


Dr. Jofre Carnicer (University of Barcelona – UB and CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Associate Researcher

Dr. Jofre Carnicer (University of Barcelona – UB and CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Associate Researcher

Plant-herbivore  interactions, arthropod biodiversity responses, wood growth and dendroecology.
Dr. Aleixandre Verger (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I4

Dr. Aleixandre Verger (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I4
Dr. Angela Ribas Artola : Titular professor

Dr. Angela Ribas Artola

Titular professor

Atmospheric ecology
Dr. Weiqi Wang :  Associate Researcher in Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC)

Dr. Weiqi Wang

Associate Researcher in Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC)

Global change and ecological stoichiometry, wetland biogeochemistry, industrial and agricultural wastes reuse in agriculture, greenhouse gases mitigation, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

Researchgate profile
Dr. Sandra Nogué : Associate Researcher in Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC)

Dr. Sandra Nogué

Associate Researcher in Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC)

Palaeoecology, Biogeography, Island Biology

My research interest examines the mechanisms by which vegetation interacts with the environment using a palaeoecological approach.
Dr. Xavier Domene : Soil science professor

Dr. Xavier Domene

Soil science professor

Soil science, soil biology, ecotoxicology, soil quality indicators, soil ecosystem services and biochar.

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Dr. Dolores Asensio (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Dolores Asensio (CREAF-CSIC)


Soil enzyme activity, microbial biomass, microbial stoichiometry, soil VOCs.
Dr. Oriol Grau (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I4

Dr. Oriol Grau (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I4

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC-UAB, Catalonia). My research combines several disciplines in Ecology: plant biology, fungal biology, community structure, functional ecology, ecosystem dynamics, plant-soil interactions and diversity patterns. I have been doing research on contrasting ecosystems across the world: in alpine (Pyrenees, Himalaya), subarctic (Scandes), arctic (Greenland), tropical (French Guiana), and in mediterranean regions (Catalonia). I have conducted observational and experimental studies in most of these regions to analyse the effects of environmental variability on ecosystem functioning.

For more information you can e-mail me ( or check the website:
Dr. Guille Peguero (CREAF-CSIC) : CREAF Research Scientist I4

Dr. Guille Peguero (CREAF-CSIC)

CREAF Research Scientist I4

Effects of nutrient imbalances at local and regional scales on the composition and phylogenetic structure of soil mesofaunal communities.

Dr. Olga Margalef (CREAF-CSIC, IIASA) : CREAF Research Scientist I4

Dr. Olga Margalef (CREAF-CSIC, IIASA)

CREAF Research Scientist I4

Biogeochemical aspects of phosphorus cycle.
Dr. Catherine Preece (CREAF-CSIC) : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Catherine Preece (CREAF-CSIC)

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

I am a plant ecologist and my current work is investigating the effect of drought on plant-soil interactions in the Mediterranean-climate region. I am particularly interested in learning more about how plant root exudates mediate soil microbial diversity and function under water stress, and the feedbacks the microbial community have on plants. An increase in extreme drought events could negatively impact biodiversity and soil quality in both natural and agricultural habitats. Attempts to mitigate drought effects will benefit from a thorough understanding of water stress on plants and soils and also the complex interactions between the two.

Dr. Benjamin Stocker : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Benjamin Stocker

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

I am a climate and environmental scientist with a special interest in interactions between climate change and terrestrial ecology and biogeochemistry. My work is dedicated to providing data-informed predictions of how land ecosystems respond to a changing climate, increasing CO2 and changes in nutrient cycles. I'm developing numerical models, as simple as possible and as complex as necessary to learn the most.

Dr. Albert Gargallo (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Albert Gargallo (CREAF-CSIC)



Dr. Gerard Farré (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Gerard Farré (CREAF-CSIC)


My research has focused on the measure of VOC emissions from plants, especially focusing on floral scent. I am especially interested in understanding the factors that exert evolutionary pressures determining floral emissions at the species and population level, and also the environmental factors that affect these emissions at the organism and tissue level through their effects on plant physiology and VOC physicochemistry. I am also interested in exploring the effects of such changes in floral scents on the ecological interactions that these emissions mediate with diverse floral visitors (pollinators, larcenists, florivores).

Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez (CREAF-CSIC)


The effect of nutrient availability on forest features, productivity and carbon balance from a macroecological perspective.

Dr. Marc Peaucelle (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Marc Peaucelle (CREAF-CSIC)


I am an environmental scientist currently working on the representation of plants in global terrestrial biosphere models.

I'm particularly interested in the interactions between the vegetation and their environment, but also their ability to face environmental changes.

Dr. Mónica Ladrón de Guevara (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Mónica Ladrón de Guevara (CREAF-CSIC)

Post-doctoral Marie Curie fellow

I study, by using rainfall manipulation experiments, the adaptation capacity of dryland grass species to changes in soil water availability. The transgenerational effects of the treatments will be evaluated through phenotypic and genomic approaches.

Research project: Differential adaptation capacity of dryland grasses to directional changes in water availability (DIAGRASS)


Dr. Sara Marañón Jiménez : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Sara Marañón Jiménez

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Temperature-driven effects on the ecosystem C:N stoichiometry, soil N losses and N transformation rates assessed with isotope dilution and 15N tracing techniques, as well as on the changes of N transfer to plants through the symbiotic association with mycorrhiza.

Research project: Resilience of Soil Stoichiometry in subartic soils under Temperature- Induced Soil Carbon Losses: Where does the N go? (StoiCa)


Google Scholar

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Dr. Gaofei Yin : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Gaofei Yin

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Remote sensing (canopy reflectance modeling, biophysical parameter retrieval), vegetation responses and feedbacks to climate change.

Dr. Aude Valade : Post-doctoral Marie Curie Fellow

Dr. Aude Valade

Post-doctoral Marie Curie Fellow

The objective of my research is to advance the understanding of future impacts of droughts of European forest. For this, I am working on improving the representation of drought-related physiological processes in land system models using a traits approach.

Research project: M-TRAIT

Researchgate profile


Dr. Susanna Strada : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Susanna Strada

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Explore the relationship between isoprene emissions and soil moisture in the Mediterranean region by combining in-situ and satellite observations and assess the effect of this relationship on surface ozone concentrations using regional climate modelling.

Research projects: IDIOM2


Dr. Daijun Liu (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Daijun Liu (CREAF-CSIC)


I focus on global change effects on forest ecosystem structure and function, especially on ecophysiological and demographical changes. I will study climate change and nutrient availability on forest growth, tree mortality and species recruitment, richness and vegetation productivity.

Dr. Chao Zhang (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Chao Zhang (CREAF-CSIC)


I focus on the response of ecosystem function and structure to climate change based on remote sensing technique. The objective is to assess the influence of climate change on carbon fixation at different temporal and spatial scales using photochemical reflectance index and fluorescence.


Dr. Estela Romero : Post-doc

Dr. Estela Romero


I am an ecologist broadly interested in the effects of multiple stressors –natural or human related− on the functioning of ecosystems. I earned my degree in Environmental Sciences, and then moved to the Marine Ecology for my PhD. Much of my research interests lie at the intersection of environmental processes and human activities, and I am particularly enthusiastic about those projects that try to bridge science and resource management. I have worked in research institutions of Spain, the UK, and France, and in projects concerning terrestrial, marine and freshwater issues. My work so far has been focused on two major axes: (1) The functioning of coastal marine ecosystems, and specifically the response of plankton to changes in nutrients and turbulence; (2) The land-ocean interface, in particular the links existing between water resources, the agro−food system, and the flows of N and P to the environment. I am currently focused on characterising the N and P biogeochemical cycles in Mediterranean river basins.

Research project: Imbalance-P

Dr. Luciana M. Motta : Post-doc

Dr. Luciana M. Motta


I am a biologist interested in how natural and human-driven impacts alter natural ecosystems and its biodiversity. My background is focused mainly on aquatic ecosystem functioning, biodiversity and management. I am currently doing my postdoc research in Patagonia, Argentina (INIBIOMA-CONICET and CENAC, Nahuel Huapi National Park), doing a collaboration with the Global Ecology Unit to study the impact of introduced ungulates in soils and water of Patagonian wetlands.

Research project: "Cross-ecosystem impacts of non-native ungulates in wetlands of Patagonia: synergy or antagonism?" ("Impacto de ungulados introducidos en mallines del noroeste de Patagonia: ¿sinergia o antagonismo?")

Dr. Paolo Zuccarini : Post-doc

Dr. Paolo Zuccarini


Agronomist/environmentalist specialized in plant ecophysiological responses to abiotic stresses in the frame of Climate Change, and in nutrient cycling in agricultural and forest ecosystems

Research projects:

“What makes leaves fall in autumn? A new process description for the timing of leaf senescence in temperate and boreal trees”. (Ref.: ERC Starting Grant 714916)

“Imbalance-P: Effects of phosphorus limitations on Life, Earth system and Society”. (Ref.: Synergy Grant 610028)

Dr. Nora Bartolomé : Post-doc

Dr. Nora Bartolomé


As an environmental chemist, I want to understand the sources, transport, fate and exposure of organic pollutants in the different environmental compartments. My interests include environmental monitoring using active and passive sampling methods, risk assessment, and remediation of contaminated sites.
Dr. Ana María Yáñez : Post-doc

Dr. Ana María Yáñez


I am a post doctoral researcher with a Juan de la Cierva funding. I did my undergraduate in Environmental Science at the University of Nottingham. Then I did my master in Biogeochemical cycles and Atmospheric Sciences in Lund University, Sweden. After I did my PhD in climate and the environment at the Brazilian National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) in co-supervision with the Max Planck Institute of Chemistry. Afterwards I continued as a post doctorate researcher for MPIC in the Amazon. My research was based on the interactions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within and above a central Amazonian tropical rainforest. My latest position as a Post doctoranl researcher was at Freiburg University (Germany), working in a ERC grant trying to find out how much carbon is emitted by plants through secondary plant metabolism from tropical plants.

I am interested in the interaction between forest ecosystems and the atmospheric chemistry. Forest can react very quickly to changes in environmental factors, and up to date, not all processes have been described or elucidated. As global temperatures increase and climate change exacerbates it is important to understand how forested areas will react to such changes, as the impact in atmosphere can be very large, from direct global warming via aerosol and carbon dioxide production, increase the atmospheric lifetime of pollutants, or even alter rain distribution locally. We need to provide better information for modellers, so they can constrain the processes governing the forest atmosphere interactions so better guidelines on mitigation and adaptation strategies can be suggested to policy-makers.
Research projects: VOCO and ATTO


Ana Maria Yanez Serrano_CV
Dr. Fei Lun : Post-doc

Dr. Fei Lun


Global and Regional P Cycle and Budget, Land Use and Climate Change, Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development.

Research project: Effects of phosphorus limitations on Life, Earth system and Society


Dr. Bang-Xiao Zheng (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Bang-Xiao Zheng (CREAF-CSIC)


Microbial Ecology, Soil Biogeochemistry, and Phosphorus Cycles.

Dr. Ifigenia Urbina (CREAF-CSIC) : Post-doc

Dr. Ifigenia Urbina (CREAF-CSIC)


Abiotic and biotic factors determinants of elemental stoichiometry in terrestrials ecosystems.
Dr. Mariana Teles : Associate researcher

Dr. Mariana Teles

Associate researcher

Effects of emerging contaminants, including nanoparticles, in aquatic organisms.  Stress-immune responses in aquatic organisms. Endocrine disruption in fish. Non-invasive biomarkers in fish.
Dr. Samuli Junttila : Post-doc

Dr. Samuli Junttila


Dr. Junttila is studying the movement of water within trees and forests and how the changes in water content are related to tree decline and tree mortality. He mainly utilizes remote sensing methods at various spatial and temporal scales to study these phenomena.

Project names:

Capturing tree canopy water dynamics over time – from single canopies to landscape and global dynamics (CAWA)

Scan Forest Point Cloud Ecosystem – Research Infrastructure



Joan Maspons : Ecoinformatic

Joan Maspons

Kevin Bórnez Mejías (CREAF-CSIC) : PhD student

Kevin Bórnez Mejías (CREAF-CSIC)

PhD student

I´m studying the effects of climate change on plants phenology by using remote sensing. In addition, with this research we want to study the possible feedback between vegetation and climate.

The PhD project is conceived as an investigation on the climatology category, inside the area of Earth science. The thesis project is part of the Copernicus Global Land Project of the European Commission, where the investigation team of the Global Ecology Unit work on developing techniques of remote sensing to characterize the whole vegetation and phenology from satellite.


Zhaobin Mu (CREAF-CSIC) : PhD student

Zhaobin Mu (CREAF-CSIC)

PhD student

I focus on global ecology of VOCs emissions by plants. I will study the factors influencing those VOCs emissions and contributions of plants VOCs emissions to the ecosystem, etc.

Research project: Ecology of VOCs emissions by plants under global environmental changes

Dr. Albert Bach (ICTA-GEU) : Postdoc

Dr. Albert Bach (ICTA-GEU)


I am currently developing my PhD thesis titled " Forest and Human Health: a new approach for forest management?" in which we aim at unveiling the potential relations or not between forests and human health involving  Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds.


Helena Vallicrosa (CREAF-CSIC) : PhD student

Helena Vallicrosa (CREAF-CSIC)

PhD student

My main work is about searching relationships between biogeochemical cycles and elemental composition of plant-soil system with some of the main ecological and environmental traits (grow, diversity, climate, soil type, photosynthetic capacity, metabolic function…) at world scale. Furthermore I am interested in niche modeling, mediterranean ecosystem and tropical forests.


Adrià Descals (CREAF-CSIC) : PhD student

Adrià Descals (CREAF-CSIC)

PhD student

Algorithm development for the estimation of biophysical variables (LAI, FAPAR, and FCOVER) from Sentinel-3 observations, using existing satellite products and synthetic data sets as training data for machine learning models.

Research project: C-GLOPS1 project

Argus Pesqueda : PhD Student

Argus Pesqueda

PhD Student

My research will focus on the metabolome profile of warming soils to examine the role of evolutionary processes, shifts in plant community functioning, soil functioning and carbon and nutrient metabolism, and distinguishing short-term plasticity and long-term adaptation.

Research Project: ESR8 FutureArtic - A glimpse into the Arctic future: equipping a unique natural experiment for next-generation ecosystem research

Yu Tan : PhD Student

Yu Tan

PhD Student

The relationship between soil fauna and humus accumulation along the altitudinal gradient were investigated. Exploring the functional groups of soil animals at different altitudes, and soil community and diversity at different soil layers. Moreover, the contribution of soil animals to litter humification on the elevation gradient and the accumulation of humus in different soil layers on the elevation gradient were studied. Furthermore, the effects of refractory substances, easily decomposable substances and elemental components on the accumulation of litter humus sustained by soil fauna were explored.

Research project:

  • Effects of soil fauna on litter humification under different elevation gradients along the Minjiang River Basin (No.31670526), 2017-2020.
  • Source / sink pattern of heavy metal elements in several typical forest ecosystems in the Minjiang River Basin (No.2017TD0022), 2017-2020.
  • Forest soil science (No.31622018), 2017-2019.

Santiago Schauman : PhD student

Santiago Schauman

PhD student

Functioning and structure of terrestrial ecosystems, remote sensing, biodiversity, protected areas.


Liehua Tie : PhD Student

Liehua Tie

PhD Student

Interested in the responses of litter decomposition, soil stoichiometry, and forest ecosystem biogeochemistry to global change (nitrogen deposition, sulfur deposition, and phosphorus limitation), especially in subtropical forests.

Research projects:

National Science and technology support program; ‘12th Five-year plan’ of Sichuan Province and the Sci-tech Project of the ‘12th Five-year plan’ of China

Liehua Tie Researchgate

Laura Blanquer : PhD student

Laura Blanquer

PhD student

Responses of mediterranean forest ecosystems to extreme drought conditions.

Research project: REGIME-SHIFTS

Maria Vives Ingla : PhD student

Maria Vives Ingla

PhD student
Kaijun Yang : PhD student

Kaijun Yang

PhD student

My main research topic is the ecology of VOCs emissions in the soil, biological and environmental effects. I will concentrate on the effect of biotic and abiotic factors on VOCs emissions in the soil and the interactions of biology and environment delivered by BVOCs, emphasizing the ecological significance.

Research project: Ecology of VOCs in soils: biological and environmental effects


Tomàs Serrano : PhD student

Tomàs Serrano

PhD student

Environmental Analytical Chemistry. Ecotoxicology. Investigation of emerging pollutants. Antibiotics as contaminants. Analysis of new pollutants. Determination of emerging contaminants in plants. Improvement of analytical methods. Determination of contaminants in soils.

Research project: Determination of emerging contaminants in plants and soils: antibiotics and pseudo hormonal compounds

Miquel Ferrín Guardiola : PhD Student

Miquel Ferrín Guardiola

PhD Student

My research focuses on the structuring effect of dispersal and selective processes across community assemblages of bacteria, fungi, trees and arthropods at local scales

Project name: Decay of similarity across diverse tropical rainforest communities: integrating spatial and nutrient distances with scales of analysis.



Fernando Coello Sanz : PhD Student

Fernando Coello Sanz

PhD Student

My current research focuses on the role of different nutrient availability in plant community assembly processes.

Project name: The Role of Nutrient Availability in the Functional and Phylogenetic Diversity of Tree Communities in Tropical Rainforests.



Susana Silvestre : PhD Student

Susana Silvestre

PhD Student

I study the effect that a long-term experimental drought on a Mediterranean forest and scrub. I analyse adaptations at the ecophysiological, phenological and demographic level of model species in a scenario of extreme drought.

Project: Analysis of the regional-scale ecosystem network.

Patrícia Campdelacreu : PhD Student

Patrícia Campdelacreu

PhD Student

The aim of my PhD thesis is to discuss the role of phosphatases in agroecosystems using scientific articles published around the world. Phosphatases are enzymes catalyzing the hydrolysis of both esters and anhydrides of phosphoric acid and its measure is important to know the mineralization of P in soil and the response of these enzyme activities to changes in environmental factors, agricultural management and pollution. Fundamentally most of the experiments use the rapid enzyme assay based on p-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP) by Tabatai and Bremmer (1969) although this method has suffered upgrades. And in parallel other methods started to use artificial substrates which are well documented. All the present enzyme assays in each method measure potential and not real enzyme activities because every assay conditions are different from those occurring in situ. In my project I want to link the assays all over the world from the beginning to the present. My objective is to try to find relationships and patterns between the phosphatase’s activity in different conditions based on, for example, fluctuations of temperature and moisture of the soil, pH and substrate concentration, shaking, soil slurry...etc.



Karen Torres : PhD Student

Karen Torres

PhD Student

Use of the geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing in the assessment of crops evolution, in face of climatic events.

Project name: Núcleo de estudio de Agricultura, Clima y Tecnología, teniendo como área de interés el Paraguay.


Fan Yang : PhD Student

Fan Yang

PhD Student

Fan Yang currently works at the Institute of Ecology & Forestry (SICAU) and CREAF center (UAB). Fan does research in Forest ecology and soil ecology.

Project name: Effects of winter snow cover on the accumulation of organic matter in microbial sources in alpine forests, supported by the the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31800521).

Effects of winter snow cover change on the accumulation of soil microbial source organic matter in European alpine forests.


Oscar Lanuza : PhD Student

Oscar Lanuza

PhD Student

I am currently a predoctoral student at the Ph.D. in Terrestrial Ecology at the UAB and CREAF. My research aims to improve the understanding of the functioning and dynamics of tropical forests through the application of the functional approach, and focuses on the study of; 1) the intraspecific variability of the functional traits of plants and their relationship with the ecosystem service of carbon sequestration; 2) the morphological and functional responses of seedlings to disturbances (drought, fire, and herbivory) and their potential use as predictors of changes in the growth of species during seedling establishment. Recently, I have studied the restoration processes, the production, and decomposition of litter, and the dynamics of nutrients in tropical forests.

Skills and expertise: Biodiversity, Forest Ecology, Applied Ecology, Litter Decomposition

Project name: CarbonTROFONIC: Assessment of the actual and potential Carbon stock of tropical forest fragments in the protected landscape of Miraflor-Moropotente in northwest Nicaragua.



ResearchGate profile

Google scholar profile

Mendeley profile


Cinta Sabaté Gil : Master student

Cinta Sabaté Gil

Master student


Project name: Disentangling the effect of Temperature, Photoperiod and light intensity on leaf unfolding of deciduous species.

Daniela Boanares : Visiting PhD student

Daniela Boanares

Visiting PhD student

Foliar water uptake, plant physiology, water stress, plant metabolism, leaf anatomical traits, ecohydrology, Climate change.

Research project: Leaf traits linked ti foliar water uptake


Paula Casadei : Master student

Paula Casadei

Master student

My current field of research focuses on the effects of urbanization on key ecosystem properties across environmental gradients. During my undergraduate thesis I used remote sensors to study the spatial patterns of the Urban Heat Island in 30 cities of Argentina. On september 2018, I started the Off. Masters on Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management at CREAF and look forward to dabble in new and exciting fields of research.
Dr. Stefania Mattana : Post-doc technician

Dr. Stefania Mattana

Post-doc technician

Soil science
Rosa Casanovas (CREAF-CSIC) : Technical & administrative assistant

Rosa Casanovas (CREAF-CSIC)

Technical & administrative assistant

Technical administrative assistant

Pere Roc Fernández Garberí : Technician

Pere Roc Fernández Garberí

Laura Márquez Tur : Technician

Laura Márquez Tur


Currently working as a technician, but also strongly interested in the study and conservation of biodiversity. My previous work experience mainly focuses on soil analysis and edaphic fauna, especially arthropods.


Dra. Anna Àvila Castells (CREAF) :  CREAF Research Scientist

Dra. Anna Àvila Castells (CREAF)

CREAF Research Scientist

Ecology of atmospheric deposition
Prof. Jaume Terradas Serra (CREAF) : UAB Professor

Prof. Jaume Terradas Serra (CREAF)

UAB Professor

Terrestrial ecology
Dr. Francesc Sabater i Comas : Professor

Dr. Francesc Sabater i Comas


Linking aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, nutrient cycling in freswhater and riparian forest ecosystems.
Dr. Alejandro Castellanos Villegas : Profesor Investigador Universidad de Sonora

Dr. Alejandro Castellanos Villegas

Profesor Investigador Universidad de Sonora

Ecofisiología Vegetal y Funcionamiento de Ecosistemas de Zonas Áridas.

Research projects:

  • Cambios de la cubierta vegetal e impactos de la actividad ganadera. Estudio de las interacciones ecológicas y socio-económicas.
  • Estequiometría ecológica y percepción remota para el análisis de la distribución espacial e invasibilidad de zacate Buffel (Cenchrus ciliaris), en zonas prioritarias del Noroeste de México.

Dr. Michał Bogdziewicz : Visiting scientist

Dr. Michał Bogdziewicz

Visiting scientist

I am broadly interested in plant reproductive behaviours, recently focused on mast seeding (large and
synchronized fluctuations in seed production), the impact of animal populations on plant recruitment and
population dynamics, and vice‐versa, effects of fluctuations in seed production on animal populations.

Research projects:

1. Experimental tests of mechanisms driving variability in reproduction of trees
2. Phenology synchrony or pollen coupling? Experimental evaluation of the role of pollen limitation and plant’ resource state in driving seed production in masting plants
Dr. Hoonyoung Park : Visiting postdoc

Dr. Hoonyoung Park

Visiting postdoc

Vegetation phenology in the changing Earth, and its role in terrestrial carbon cycle from a global perspective.


Research project: Climate-Ecosystem-Carbon Nexus: Investigation of terrestrial ecosystem and carbon cycle responses to climate change and variability (2019-2021), supported by Korea National Research Foundation

Dr. Eder Santos : Visiting professor

Dr. Eder Santos

Visiting professor

Microbial biochemistry; Environmental microbiology; Microbial ecology; Metaproteomics; Metabolomics.

Our research focuses to learn how microbial physiology is shaped by the environment with a focus on complex ecosystems. Current research projects involve a range of complementary disciplines and approaches, including metabolomics, (meta)proteomics, metabolic network.

Research projects:

1) Metaproteomics and metabolomics of the phyllosphere from the Atlantic forest.

2) Plant microbiome engineering: a new approach for applied biotechnology.

3) Phyllosphere bioprospection by using a metabolomic approach.


Eder Santos_CV_Jan2019


Marina Vergotti

Final Work Degree

Miriam Raluy

Master student

Luisina Carbonell

Visiting PhD student

Dr. Marta Camino


Dr. Adrià Barbeta


Dr. Lei Liu


Dr. Rossella Guerrieri

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Manuela Balzarolo

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Albert Rivas

CREAF Research Scientist I4


Dr. Mireia Bartrons

GEU Associate Researcher

Associate professor at Universitat de Vic


Dr. Ander Achotegui-Castells



Anna Escolà


 Bjarni D.Sigurdsson_Dec2017_200x200

Prof. Bjarni D.Sigurdsson

Visiting scientist


Carlos López

GIS Technical assistant

 Giulio Zangari_May2018_200x200

Giulio Zangari

PhD student

Foresta nd nature conservation, ecological abalysis and environmental management


Dr. José Raúl Romo León

Visiting scientist


Dr. Dominik Sperlich

GEU Associate Researcher

susan-owen2 ccc

Dr. Sue Owen

GEU Associate Researcher

Ecology of atmospheric pollution

  Alistair Jump_200x200  

Dr. Alistair Jump

GEU Associate Researcher

Ecology of Climate Change and population ecology


Dr. Constantí Stefanescu

CREAF Associate Researcher

Ecology of butterflies


Dr. Laura Rico


Plant molecular biology applied to Molecular Ecology, plant genetics, Plant

biology and Genetic resources.


Lena Muffler

PhD student

 Marta Ayala_2016b

Marta Ayala

Master student

 Débora Difrancescantonio_May2018_200x200

Dr. Débora di Francescantonio


 Brooke Mayer pic_200x200_July2017

PhD. Brooke Mayer

Visiting scientist

Mayer lab group web page

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